"Confidence is beautiful"

VitalizeMe Skin Therapy
in the Synoma Wellness Center
2150 Alt 19 N, Ste.B
Palm Harbor, Fl 34683

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Designed to protect us from harmful free radicals and to expel toxins, our skin is constantly challenged by environmental pollutants, our age, and even the types of foods we eat.

Healthy skin, however, has the power to fight back.

Your first line of defense against fine lines, clogged pores, and sun damage includes a simple, consistent regimen: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Tone, Hydrate, and Protect.

We are passionate about giving you the happiest, most glowing skin ever. Our treatments are progressive and our spa is set in a sea of absolute tranquility.

Take a stand for your skin. Call or text 727-744-4636 or book online for a unique consultation.

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